Spicy Shin Bowl


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Discover why Spicy Shin Bowl has been awarded Chefs Best Award and endorsed by professional chefs. The tasty beef broth and spicy flavor will have you slurping up the noodles in less than the time it takes to make it! No MSG. BPA Free. 

Soup Flavor: Beef and spicy. 
Noodle Texture: Thin and chewy. 
Toppings (included): Dehydrated vegetables. 
Cook Time: 3-4 minutes. 
Cooking Instruction: See bottom of package: (1) Open lid half way. Add soup base. (2) Pour hot water up to the inside line. (3) Close lid for 3~4 minutes. (4) Stir well and enjoy! 

▪ Product of USA
▪ Net Weight: 3.03oz (86g) 
▪ Category: Korean Instant Ramen, Udon, & Noodles

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