Slovenly Room

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Chill and relax in this miniature sized messy room. Each box contains one set of highly detailed room items (see images). You can even open and close the DVD case and plug electrical cords into the power surge! Some easy assemble is required. Collect all 8 room sets to furnish the entire room. Gum and candy not included. 

  • Choose "Blind Box" to receive one set of items.  For blind boxes, we will not be able to choose different characters if you purchase more than one
  • Choose "Full Set" to receive the complete set of 8 open boxes plus the main box. The main box transforms into a bedroom backdrop to showcase the room items. 

1. Instant noodles - Place the pot of ramen, cup, juice bottle, magazine, and remote control on the coffee table. 
2. Rental DVD - TV screen to watch the DVD inside its case. Bag of chips and soda can.
3. Laundry - Laundry rack to dry underwear and bra. TV console, potted succulent, tissue pack, and dusting spray can. 
4. Grooming -  Full length mirror to get ready using the curling iron, lipstick, BB cream, lotion, box of contact lens with lens and case. And a basket to store everything.
5. Fitness Equipment - Fitness machine, jacket, purse, tissue box with tissue paper you can pull out, floor mop, and magazines. 
6. Bargain - Grocery bag to fill with two to-go meals, roll of paper towels, and cup of noodles. 
7. Online shopping - A laptop to place an order on Puchizon. Puchizon cardboard box filled with your purchase: yoga ball, hand massager, box of drink packets, and tumbler. 
8. Fall asleep - Sleep cozily on the bed with a pillow, blanket, and stuffed bunny. Charge your cell phone to the power surge and read a comic book. Petit spray bottle included.

Individual Box Dimension: 7cm W x 5cm D x 11.5cm H. 

▪ Product of Japan 
▪ Category: Japanese Toy

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