Petit-Assort Chocolate (5-pack)


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Enjoy an assortment of interestingly flavored chocolate in this 5-pack variety. The pack includes:

1) Choco Baby - Itty-bitty, milk chocolate that will remind you of a Tootsie Roll.

2) Coffee Beat - A very flavorful, coffee chocolate covered in a hard shell. The chocolate is even shaped to look like a coffee bean. 

3) Apollo Chocolate - Cone shaped chocolate with milk chocolate at the bottom and strawberry chocolate on top. 

4) Marble Chocolate - Creamy, milk chocolate covered in a hard shell. It will remind you of M&M Milk Chocolate.

5) Marble Chocolate (Strawberry) -  Creamy, strawberry chocolate covered in a hard shell. 

Product of Japan
Net Weight: 1.82oz (52g)
Category: Japanese Candy and Chocolate

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