Kinako Latte

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Tirol chocolate and Nitto have collaborated to release a drink to taste like their popular product, Kinako Mochi Chocolate. Make a savory cup of kinako latte that's rich, creamy and mildly sweet with this instant powder drink. Depending on your mood, you can enjoy it hot or cold.

Hot: Pour one packet of instant powder into a cup. Then pour 120 ml boiling water and stir well. You can also substitute the boiling water for warm milk to make it creamier. 
Pour one packet of instant powder into a cup and dissolve with a small amount of hot water. Pour cold water (or even milk) and top it off with ice cubes. 

Flavor: Kinako. 
Similar to: Undecided. 
Packaging: 8 packets. 

Product of Japan
Net Weight: 3.66oz (104g) 
Category: Japanese Drinks

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