Gudetama 24h Convenience Store

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Based on the theme of a 24-hour convenience store, you'll receive a complete set of Gudetama food products. You'll be tempted to eat these delicious looking miniature sized meals! Each blind box contains one unique meal and piece of gum. 

  • Choose "Blind Box" to receive one meal. For blind boxes, we will not be able to choose different characters if you purchase more than one. 
  • Choose "Full Set" to receive the complete set of 8 blind boxes plus the main box. The main box transforms into a convenience store display with a counter to set up your store. 

1. Udon & riceball 
2. Hot snacks 
3. Sushi & cake 
4. Pork cutlet on rice 
5. Bento 
6. Salad & sandwich 
7. Oden (fish cakes) 
8. Ice cream 

Individual Box Dimension: 7mm L x 5mm W x 11.5mm H. 
Main Box Dimension: 14.5mm L x 20.5mm W x 12mm H. 

▪ Product of Japan 
▪ Category: Japanese Toy

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