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GGE BBQ Cube Ramen Snack

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Good Good Eats (GGE) are itty-bitty, broken up ramen noodles shaped into a cube. The barbecue flavor in this baked snack tastes similar to that of Lay's barbecue flavored potato chips. It's a crunchy snack with a unique shape but a flavor we all know and love! Contains no preservative and trans fat. 

Texture: Crunchy. 
Flavor: Barbecue. 
Similar to: Lay's Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips, except it's in the form of itty bitty ramen noodles. 

▪ Product of Taiwan
▪ Net Weight: 2.82oz (80g) 
▪ Category: TaiwaneseFood and Snacks

*Product packaging is subject to change without notice.

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