Coconut Sable Biscuit (Cultured Hakkou Butter)

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Crunchy biscuits infused with a light coconut and buttery flavor. The edges are browned for a delicious toasty taste. The sweet glaze and bits of sugar crystals dusted over the biscuits will have you reaching for more of this yummy, sweet snack! 

Texture: Crunchy. 
Flavor: Butter and coconut. 
Similar to: Butter Coconut Sweet Biscuit, except this is more toasted and you can't taste coconut flakes in it. 
Packaging: 4 packets with 5 pieces of biscuits in each packet. 

▪ Product of Japan
▪ Net Weight: 4.16oz (119g) 
▪ Category: Japanese Snacks and Food

*Product packaging is subject to change without notice.

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