About Us

My husband and I are what you would call "insane snackers". In our golden days, we were infamously known for binge snacking on a Friday night with a good Blockbuster movie. We would come home with two bags full of snacks after a trip to the Japanese or Korean market and by the end of the movie, what do you see? Two grocery bags crumpled on the floor and empty bags of chips and candy wrappers piled high beside them. We used to make trips to Albertsons for our snack runs but discovered over the years that Kettle Chips, Flaming Hot Cheetos, and Snickers were a little too heavy for our Friday night binging. So we switched over to Asian snacks. It turned out they were just as good if not better. They come in smaller bags with fewer calories so after a full night of binge snacking you don't feel half as bad. Thank goodness we grew up and those days are over. I don't think our 30 something year old bodies can handle that anymore! These days, we are the moderate snackers who are content with 4 snack items instead of the insane 15.

We recently traveled to Japan and discovered a HUGE selection of candies, snacks, and bakery.  The whole month we were there, my husband and I ate our way through Japan, indulging in all the new delicious treats. We must have dropped into every Family Mart in Tokyo and every bakery store in Kyoto and Osaka. Once back home, we realized how deprived we all are of what Japan really has to offer. Even though we do enjoy our Lays potato chips and Kettle chips, we must admit the Japanese version of Cheetos and gummy bears are by far tastier than the American version.

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