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Mini Instant Noodle Spicy Flavor (4-pack)

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These ramen noodles are packed with spicy flavor. Unlike your typical instant ramen, these do not have a packet with the ramen powder because it is infused into the noodles. There are 4 individually sealed ramens for 4 servings. Enjoy this versatile ramen in three different ways: (1) Eat it plain as a snack or crush it over a salad as a topping. (2) Enjoy it as a noodle soup by simply placing it into a mug with boiling hot water. (3) Slurp it down as a ramen by cooking it for 2 minutes over the stove. Whichever way you choose, you will love the delicious simplicity of it!

Soup Flavor: Spicy. 
Noodle Texture: Thin and soft. 
Toppings (included): None. 
Cook Time: 2 minutes. 
Cooking Instruction: See back of package to see how to enjoy it as a ramen, noodle soup, and salad topping. 

▪ Product of Japan
▪ Net Weight: 4.23oz (120g) 
▪ Category: Japanese Instant Ramen, Udon, & Noodles

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