Midori No Tanuki Instant Soba Bowl

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Enjoy a bowl of Japanese soba noodle in just 3 minutes! The broth (in the larger seasoning packet) has a savory soy sauce and green onion flavor. Control the level of spiciness by using little or all of the chili powder in the smaller seasoning packet. The buckwheat soba noodles are skinny and soft. It even comes with a deep-fried tempura to balance out the meal. 

Soup Flavor: Soy sauce and onion. 
Noodle Texture: Skinny and soft. 
Toppings (included): Deep-fried tempura
Cook Time: 3 minutes. 
Cooking Instruction: See side of the bowl: (1) Open lid to the black line. (2) Empty contents of soup base portion (bigger packet) into cup. (3) Fill cup with boiling water up to the inside line. Close lid for 3 minutes. (4) Remove lid, stir gently and enjoy. Add powdered chili seasoning (smaller packet) for additional flavor. 

▪ Product of Japan 
▪ Net Weight: 3.49oz (99g) 
▪ Category: Japanese Instant Ramen, Udon, & Noodles

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