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GGE Mexican Hot Spicy Ramen Snack

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Good Good Eats (GGE) are strands of broken up ramen noodles in delicious flavors. The Mexican spicy flavor in this bag will remind you of Tabasco and Tapatio. The spicy flavor of the crispy, crunchy snack will have your tongue burning, but don't be surprised when you find yourself digging back into the bag for another fistful of yum! Contains no trans fat. 

Texture: Crunchy. 
Flavor: Hot and spicy. 
Similar to: Eating Tabasco/Tapatio on a toritilla chip. 

▪ Product of Taiwan
▪ Net Weight: 2.82oz (80g) 
▪ Category: TaiwaneseFood and Snacks

*Product packaging is subject to change without notice.

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