Frosted Rice Cracker 24pcs (Yuki No Yado)

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Puffed salty rice crackers drizzled with a sweet frosting. The toasted rice cracker has  a delicious crunch to it and, together with the well balanced sweet and salty flavor, you will not be able to stop snacking! 

Texture: Crunchy and light. 
Flavor: Salty and sweet. 
Similar to: Quaker rice cakes, but these taste much better. They are lighter, fluffier, and one smooth cracker rather than bits of rice puffs stuck together. These are definitely not bland but savory. 
Packaging:  12 packets with 2 rice crackers in each packet. 

▪ Product of Japan 
▪ Net Weight: 5.67oz (161g) 
▪ Category: Japanese Food and Snacks

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