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Enjoy a Rilakkuma themed sushi meal in this super kawaii miniature figure collection. Each opened box contains one highly detailed sushi meal that looks strikingly real. You can even assemble some of the meals together! Collect all 8 possible meal sets to open your own complete sushi restaurant. Piece of gum not included. 

  • Choose "Open Box" to receive one Rilakkuma meal set. If you purchase more than one, we will try our best to choose different figures . 
  • Choose "Full Set" to receive the complete set of 8 open boxes plus the main box. The main box transforms into a window display to showcase the meals served at your sushi restaurant. 

1. Chef's recommendation - Today's special of the day served with green tea. Kiiroitori will also keep you company while you eat! 
2. Salmon nigiri - Use the tablet to order your salmon nigiri and enjoy with soy sauce. 
3. Akami & roll sushi - Serve tuna nigiri and Rilakkuma-shaped sushi. Don't forget to enjoy the meal with some sliced ginger. 
4. Fried chicken -  Enjoy karage chicken with two pieces of sushi. Look inside the utensil box to find your chopstick. 
5. Healthy menu - Serve a nice healthy meal with kawaii sushi, tempura salad, and steamed tofu. 
6. Inari Sushi - Entice your customer's with a signage displaying a complete meal with miso soup and Rilakkuma-shaped sushi. 
7. Take out - For customers on the go, they can order take-out. The Rilakkuma bento box is filled with handroll and sushi and includes to-go soy sauce and chopsticks.   
8. Dessert - No meal is complete without dessert! Serve Japanese melon and green tea. 

Individual Box Dimension: 7mm L x 4mm W x 11.5mm H. 

▪ Product of Japan 
▪ Category: Japanese Toy

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