Akai Bohshi

Kukkia Quatre Tivoli (4-Variety)

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Thin layer of smooth, whipped chocolate sandwiched between two thin, crispy gaufre cookies. Enjoy this popular Japanese cookie in four flavors:
1) Milk Chocolate: smooth milk chocolate mixed with cacao and milk
2) Strawberry: strawberry chocolate sprinkled with bits of strawberry rock sugar  
3) Dark Chocolate: slight cacao acidity with a clean aftertaste
4) Green Tea: green tea chocolate sprinkled with gyokuro tea leaves

Texture: Crispy and smooth. 
Flavor: Milk chocolate, strawberry, dark chocolate, and green tea. 
Similar to: Undecided. 
Packaging: 12 packets (3 pieces of each flavor) with 1 wafer cookie in each packet. 

▪ Product of Japan 
▪ Net Weight: 3.3oz (93.6g) 
▪ Category: Japanese Cookie and Biscuit

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