Hiyashuwa Ramune Candy

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Try four different flavors in this assorted pack of hard candy. Each piece is lightly filled with a powdery surprise. 

  • Cool Ramune: coated and filled with minty powder for a refreshing taste. 
  • Fizzy Ramune: coated and filled with a fizzy powder for an extra fizzing effect. 
  • Dotted Ramune: deliciously, sweet and dotted with beads of colorful candy with a lemonade powder in the middle. 
  • Strawberry Condensed Milk: half strawberry flavor and half condensed milk flavor to create a strawberry shaved ice taste. 

Texture: Hard. 
Flavor: Cool ramune, fizzy ramune, dotted ramune, strawberry condensed milk. 
Similar to: Undecided. 
Packaging: 20 pieces individually wrapped. 

▪ Product of Japan 
▪ Net Weight: 2.5oz (71g) 
▪ Category: Japanese Candy and Chocolate

*Product packaging is subject to change without notice.

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