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[ Review ] Frosted Rice Cracker (Yuki No Yado)


I have to admit, I've never had American rice crackers until I was an adult. What was my reaction to it? "Why is it so bland? I know! It just needs a thick layer of peanut butter and jelly..." American rice crackers tasted very different from the rice snacks my mother had always bought for us at the Asian markets. You know, the kind that comes in that cylindrical shape, and you have to catch the rice puffs as they fall with each bite.

Then in school, my friends introduced me to another kind, which I thought was even better.

And now, years later, we are introducing you to this kind, the best kind we've had yet!

Yuki No Yado is salty and sweet like most other Asian rice crackers, but do you see how it's browned? It's because it's been toasted to give it a slight toasty flavor, and I love it! It adds a whole new depth of flavor. And the frosting on top adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the slightly salty taste. It's like a thicker version of the frosting on Frosted Flakes cereal.

And the rice cracker itself? It's airy and light with a smooth texture making it easy to bite into without bits and pieces of it falling all over me. And I promise, you will not be able to stop after one bite. It's so delicious that I couldn't even resist it for this photo! What was suppose to be a photo of an untouched, pure rice cracker lead to just taking one bite which lead to another bite.

I have no self control.


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