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Munch Quest #2

Kabaya Mini Melon Pan Cookie

"It's crunchy on the outside but soft and crumbly on the inside."

We're excited to share these Mini Melon Pan Cookie. They look and taste like the real thing!

"Hold on.. What is Melon Pan?"

It's a classic Japanese sweet bread that's covered in a thin layer of crispy biscuit/cookie crust with a grid line pattern on top.

"Whhattt.. Melon? Does it actually taste like one??"

Sorry, as exciting as the name may sound, it tastes nothing like a melon. (Cue the relieved "whew~"!)

"So why is it named 'Melon Pan'?"

Because it looks like one! It's round and has the grid lines just like on a melon. Kinda clever, right? 😜

"OOhh~ Tell me more about this cookie!"

We love sharing our snacking experience! Here's our review:

THE SMELL: It's like they shoved a bakery shop into this bag. It smells like sugar cookies and bakery bread are being made.

THE TEXTURE: It's crunchy on the outside but soft and crumbly on the inside.

THE FLAVOR: It really does taste like Melon Pan. It's sweet and has, surprisingly, a bread-like flavor.

Grab a glass of milk and enjoy these delicious Mini Melon Pan Cookies!


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  • Tara

    Unfortunately, Karl puffs I recently ordered came in with the bag already opened for 4 bags.

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